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Beebarjay wrote at 2013-06-02 19:35:53
I have a Holiday Rambler Presidential 5th wheel with 3 slides.  I just noticed that the bottom skin/plate has separated at the bottom edges that are along the slide outs as well.  There is about a 1/16 - 1/8th inch separation on the extended edge; and yet the gap is closed at the closest portion to the body of the coach.  There is a little bit of rot exposed and the overlapping "L" corner molding that would have held the skin in place is not making contact with the skin...and thus there is a small separation with a little rot.

The "L" molding is really not wide enough and the skin probably only went into the "L" molding by about 1/4 inch "at the most" when it came  from the factory,  The "L" molding end does not even make contact with the vertical outside wall of the extended slide.....thus there was a existing gap when it came from the factory.....and moisture could have entered and begun the problem from there.

Being I just notice it and can see that the separation has happened I was thinking I might try a fix.  {although I am going to contact Monoco prior to my attempt.)

I thought after making sure the area is clean and dry I would get a hypodermic needle and load it with Gorilla Glue (an expanding epoxy).  I would squirt the glue into the laminates of the plywood and then put a placard piece underneath and jack it up tight and compress the plywood laminates back together.  I think since the wood is not all rotten and falling apart (maybe an inch into the laminate edge)...the expanding glue will restructure the wood.

That will solve the slight rot issue...IMHO.   But now I must address the lack of an adequate molding and seal.  I think I can reseal the edge but I will have to give further thought on that resolve.  The idea of removing all the slides and replacing everything; and having the same design flaw is not going to "get er done".

But I am not a happy guy....the problem is really an inadequate design.  

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