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RV Repair/2001 Nomad Camper 28 foot


I purchased a used camper and later noticed that the panel that monitors water levels and turns on the water pump as well as the hot water heater was missing 2 of its 3 switches, I looked around on the web and found what I thought was the same switch however it is somehow different. Here is the problem, The old panel does not have markings beneath the switches to tell what they worked, I did note that the wires on the old one do not correspond with the new ones. I was hoping to find a diagram that would tell me what the old panel switches were hooked to. Please help.

first why were they removed?  was there a problem at the hot water tank or pump that burned them out?  all a switch does is connect the two wires together.  grab the insulation and touch the wired together to see what comes on.  you dont want to do this with the water tank empty, could overheat.  if they spark or the wires heat up fast, disconnect the wires and see what the problem is on the other end.  You could also use an ohm meter to see resistance in the wires when  you connect the wires.  that would be safer.  make sure the circuits are dead first.

good luck.  sorry so long with response.  I was camping the last two weeks and forgot to turn off the all experts questions.

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