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I have a 1999 Endeavor deisel motor home by Holiday Rambler wit a single slide out. I am stuck at a lake because my slide will not retract. When I extended it there was a pop at full extension, now it will only retract about 3 inches before stopping. The motor does not seem to be burned out, there just is something stopping the slide from retracting. Any ideas? I have a great deal of mechanical experience and just want to retract the slide, get the RV home and deal with it then.

These slides are heavy and need cables to help support them.  the motors are weakish for what they do.  the pop could have been a sproket, a cable, who knows.  It may be jamming your travel now.  I don't think you could disconnect the motor from the slide so to manually push it in.  but worse case it may be worth a try.  does the motor run with no slide movement?  that would be a coupling.  The slide is on a screw, the motor turns the screw.  the travel gear may may have broken.  

good luck.  sorry so long with response.  I was camping the last two weeks and forgot to turn off the all experts questions.

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