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we have a 2007 montego bay 5th wheeler and both the hot water heater (has a hole in it) and the refrigerator are broken .can we replace with regular appliances or do we need to use made only for 5th wheeler ones?the repair man has not been able to fix the fridge and we have been without one since aug..we cant afford the special ones ...thanks dawn

you can replace the fridge with a small one that will fit the opening (apartment size, dorm size, etc).  It needs to fit in the camper door, from the outside.  It will run on AC power but not propane.  So you will lose the ability to run the fridge on the road.  many times that is not a problem.  These fridges will go on sale soon for xmas deals.  

The hot water tank is a different story.  the tank is broken, maybe you can have that repaired.  If not, you need a tank that will respond to your RV hook-ups.  You will need to run propane and be controlled by the same circuitry your one now is on.  That may mean a DC powered ignition system.  You can try an instant hot water system for the kitchen, at Home Depot.  This gives instant hot water for the sink but not all sinks or the shower.  Unless you hook it up so it provides all the systems.  Then it will only provide enough for the sinks, not a shower.  It is electric, it heats the water inside its tank.  When it runs out the cold water comes.  

I understand saving money.  If you can remove the hot water tank, and the hole can be accessed, you can take it to a high school and have the vocational students repair it, usually for free.  

Good luck

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