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I own a 2004 Alumascape Travel Trailer and I just noticed the "lockout" light is on.  I am hooked up to city water and have not had the water pump on.  I never noticed this light being on before.  Unfortunately, my husband is deceased and I am trying to figure this out on my own. I have looked in my manual, but can't find anything that tells me what it means when that light is on. I can find a picture of the monitor panel, which shows the pump on button and this lockout symbol just above it, but again, it says nothing about rather this light should be on when you are hooked up to city water and not using the pump.  I will appreciate any help you can provide - Thank you!

This usually has to do with the hot water heater.  Here is some information I found for you.  This is from different sources.  Some are links to those sources.  

From one source:

The red light is a visual indicator of a 'fault'(lockout)

Gas......light comes on when if burner fails to light/stay lit after three attempts.

Electric.....light comes on if normal thermostat fails (stays closed) and ECO thermostat opens.

Your ECO is opening stopping the heating of water (170*F) because your normal thermostat (140*F) is bad. Turning switch off/on resets the 'lockout' condition IF/WHEN the water temperature cools off (20 min or so wait time).

Replace the normal temp thermostat.......normal & ECO t-stats are purchased together.

From another source:  an link to a good service book

Source 3:  another link

bottom line is your hot water heater may be locked out because you are not on the water supply from the hose, or because you don't have ignition for the gas valve.  Reasons for this is possibly the thermalcouple is bad, the temp probe is bad, the thermostat is bad, the burner has a problem.    These links and information should help you figure this out.  

Good luck.

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