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I received an e-mail today from coop stating "I have already answered your question before". All I can say is that this had been the first time I had ever been on this site and that had been the only question I had asked seeing how this problem just occurred so here is my question again..  I have a 1992 Fleetwood Prowler and everything has worked great on it until the other day when I went out to turn the lights on. No lights? I thought maybe a fuse? Fuse looked good. Then, I notice my Fridge isn't working nor the furnace nor the AC? However, the microwave works as well as all my outlets? Really has me going.. I have checked all the wiring to make sure nothing is loose. All seems good.. Any help would be much appreciated..



Hi Max,

I want to explain why you got that email.  I know that you didn't ask this question before.  However, this type of question has come up before.  Actually, there are quite a few occurances that power loss comes up.  I had a handful of questions that day....because I slipped and didnt log onto the site for a week.  That was my fault, I am supposed to put the site on 'vacation' mode when I plan to not be around.  Since I had so many, I tried to weed out the ones that were similar to the ones I answered before.  Plus your answer is a little involved, and there is a few steps to solving this.  If you go through the prior answers, you may find one that fits your problem.  Here is what I would do for you RV.

I am assuming you are on shore power, and not running off the battery.  The fact that only the micro and outlets work is interesting.  Apparently, they are on a different circuit.  I would first start at the shore power cord, where it enters the breaker panel.  Make sure you are getting 120Vac.  Then, check at a light socket for 120Vac.  If you can access the breakers from inside the box, by pulling a cover, check 120Vac on the main power bars.  Then at the breakers.  You would do this by putting one lead from a DVOM on a ground, and the other on the HOT line.  Keep tracing the system until you dont find the 120Vac.

I imagine GFCI type problem, or main circuit breaker problem.  However, it could be a problem with a broken wire.  Harbor Freight sells a signal device to help you find the break in the walls.  

Good Luck!

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