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We recently tried to extend the slide outs on our 5th wheel.  The button made a clicking noise but nothing happened.  Is the motor shot or is it something else?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sounds like the motor is locked up for some reason.  Underneith you will find a the motor and it will be attached to a drive screw that moves the wall in and out.  See what that is doing as you try the motor switch.  Just briefly try the switch.  Dont keep trying it and make the circuit hot.  That could cause damage from heat.  

One option to try is disconnecting the coupling and see if you can get the motor to turn not attached to the wall.  If so, the problem lies in the drive screw or something else jamming the wall in.  If the motor does not turn disconnected, the motor is bad, or you are not getting the power to it.  

Another option is to get a DVOM meter and test for voltage at the motor when the switch is on.  Be careful, this could be 120V.  If you are getting the voltage, disconnect the motor from the power wires.  Then test the motor wires for OHM readings.  You should have some sort of reading between the wires.  then try each wire to the body of the motor and you should have OL or open reading.  If these do not pass, the motor is likely bad.  

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