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When I click on the web address, there is an answer by James to a question. To the right is the word "advertisement". Is that telling me that the question and answer is an advertisement?

I am not sure how that works.  I am a real person who answers questions on this site, for no pay.  I came to this site for a question to a car I was working on a few years ago.  I am actually a certified master mechanic and an electrician.  Life changed courses for me along the way and I learned both trades.  Anyway, the site seemed to help me that day and I decided to help others by joining.  Pay it know.  I was a chevy 'expert' for a while, and then ford.  then a couple of other categories and finally RV.  I noticed that no one else had joined under the RV catergory, at least when I joined.  I was the only expert.  I never met anyone who actually owns this site.  I am not sure how they get paid...though I bet they do somehow.  No one provides a site for free.  I know I don't get paid.  I could have joined and gotten some pay.  $5 a question or so.  I would not pay for information and figured no one else would either.  I do this for hobby.  Actually, I work in an electronics and instrumentation shop.  The guys and I sit around on break usually and answer these questions.  It passes the time.  It also tasks our troubleshooting skills.  I am an avid Camper myself.  I have a Jayco Jayfeather 30' bunkhouse with one large tip out.  I have a bedroom but no slide out for the bed.  This means my TT is not a hybrid.  I pull it with a beefed up suspension 2000 Dodge Conversion van or my 2003 Tahoe...also beefed up suspension.  I have bought many TT and pop ups and turned them into good utility trailers.  I learned a lot about them from dismanteling them and repairing them.  Also my mechanical and electrical skills come into play often.  

I hope I answered your questions about this site.  Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.  I don't limit my daily amout of questions because I don't seem to get many per day.  Definately do through the week.  Surprisingly, even in winter.  When I was under the car headings, i was swampped everyday with questions.  

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