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RV Repair/repairing roff and floor of over cab bunk in class C


I have a 1992 Coachman Leprechaun that has water damage to the roof and floor of the over cab bunk. the side walls are ok. what does repairing the roof and floor entail and how much can I expect it to cost?

Are you doing this yourself?  I don't know what was damaged.  If the majority of the structure is ok, then don't remove anything.  You can try drying out the wood first.  Then covering it with Luan, from Home Depot.  This is thin enough to trim with molding and make it look natural.  Just lay it right over the old wood.  Then paint it or contact paper.  

fix the water source first.  This should not cost too much.  Few hunderd is not an outrageous estimate.  

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