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I am not getting gas to light pilot is on I changed the thermocupler and still nothing

Hey depending on the year and how old there is a couple of things. Make sure the pilot tube is not bent. make sure that the end where the flame for the pilot comes out is clear. You can try to heat the thermocupler to see if the gas valve will light the main burner. This will take up to a minute and possibly two. I may have got ahead of myself this is all assuming the the stove lights and we know we have lp to the water heater. now if it will not light after heating the thermocuple. Most likely the gas valve itself is bad and you can unscrew it and replace it they make a tool for it they are about 16.00 at like a lowes or home depot you can use channel locks but it is diffcult. When you do get the new gas valve make sure to compare the old one to be sure all the fittings for the pilot are the same. Good luck and let me know.

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