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We have a 1989 Shasta 2300DD class C Motorhome built on a 1988 Ford E350 frame. We were returning from a short trip and had alternator go out on the road on s Sunday afternoon. The people at the parts store checked and said that it was the voltage regulator that failed. we was told that it would be on some where on the right fender well. after a long time searching, they told me that its built into the alternator. I was finally able the remove and replaced the alternator. before that every thing worked fine either with key off or on. Now key in on or acc. position every thing work fine, but when the key is in off or lock position the electrical step don't work and the external start switch on the generator won't work but can hear a slight buzzing when pressing it. I have checked all the connection and the are clean and tight Can you offer any suggestions as what it might be or what I should look for? This has bin driving me nuts. Hope to hear from you, Doug

Check and make sure that where the alt. was replace  that their are no loose wires or corroded ones some times wires get moved around and this problem occurs. Follow the main power wire from the gen set to the source and check the connection. I think something may have gotten bumped under the dog house

Good luck I wish I had more to give but without seeing it its a little tough

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