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I have a 1977 american clipper rear kitchen 21 ft C-class rv . It had a 3 inch sag on passenger side of the rig.I replaced both rear springs with new SD 34-123 springs, rated at 3250 lbs  the stock call out rating. I assumed the old spring had gotten weak causing it to sag. I wonder if anyone else has this problem ? Replacing the springs did not fix the problem, still sags .My thinking is when it was built they didn't plan the weight distribution very well. Generator on right side, refrigerator,heater,stove,& hot water heater all on right side. I wonder if  a set of spring helpers would cure the problem by raising the right hand spring up 3 inches to level it out. Can the spring helpers add more arch  to one side than the other. in other words are they tench-ion  adjustable to raise one side and not the other? I do have air bags on it, Inflating the right air bags brings it up 2-1/2'' I think the spring weight is not balanced which is causing the sag What are your thoughts ?????   Thank you Hank

I think that maybe the box has settle on the frame is the side wall causing the floor to slant in that direction. If there is that much sag then the frame may be bent where it is stretched out it. I wish I had pic maybe I could help more

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