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RV Repair/furnace problem


Dr wrote at 2013-01-22 06:00:10
Its not the limit switch or the sail switch because the gas valve is opening and the furnace is lighting. The sail switch is a switch that allows the power to the gas valve to open the solenoid if the furnace fan is turning fast enough for it to light then the sail switch is working and you have enough voltage to turn it fast enough. The limit switch also wont allow the gas valve solenoid to operate if it is open so you know if the furnace lights it is closed and that is not the problem. Its the remote sensor on the ignitor or the board. If the board doesnt sense the flame or the flame doesnt ground through the remote side of the ignitor then it will shut down.

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Any questions on the repair of towable rv`s. No questions on the chassis of any motorized rv, but I can answer questions on the coach area and appliances. No questions on fiberglass repair or airstream type exterior repairs.

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