Maria wrote at 2014-01-09 21:40:45

 I also have the same issue.  I have a 12 week old dutch bunny who after having a couple weeks started having sneezed fits.  It was in same room with a cage of parakeets.  I moved him away and still continues to sneeze. I also have cats and a dog.  I have also read low humidity can cause this.  He sneezes randomly and barely has wet nose.  Clear,however one day I did notice something on cage floor that looked like white discharge.  Nothing since.  Vet had on baytril for couple weeks. No real improvement.  Also tried benadryl. She is thinking allergies. Now she suggested STEROIDS.  If snuffles, won't steroids suppress immune system?  Then bacteria will take over.  What would you suggest?  He eats and acts normal that I can see.

Thanks, Maria


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Randy Atkinson


I can answer virtually any question on rabbits regarding health, behavior or nutrition. My specialties are issues related to GI problems, issues related to head tilt (wry neck), advanced treatment of severe infections (abscesses) and treatment of E Cuniculi infections. As a rescue, I am unable to answer questions related directly to breeding


I have been rescuing domestic rabbits for many years. Our rescue has evolved into a "special needs" rescue. We are not an adoption shelter and rarely adopt from here. We are a true rescue and take the most difficult cases. We have a high degree of medical ability here and work to develop new protocols for treating rabbits. I am also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator with a specialty in wild rabbits. Our rescue also accepts all domestic small mammals and birds and we treat any wildlife that can be legally treated in this state. We work with many of the top exotic veterinarians in the state.

No formal training. Our work started with a single rabbit that we rescued. She was very sick. We quickly found out that there are very few vets that can properly treat rabbits so I made it my mission to learn as much as possible so I could help needy rabbits. Residents of our rescue are now called upon to help train senior vet students at a nearby veterinary school. You can check out some of our "staff" and read their stories by visiting our web site at www.rabbitresq.org . We have rescued hundreds of domestic rabbits and literally thousands of wildlife species. While I have no formal education, I do have years of "real world" experience to the point that vets call me asking for consultation for their clients...it's quite an honor for me personally.

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