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Rabbits/My rabbit is grinding its teeth or chewing somthing but there is nothing in it's mouth?


Gyro wrote at 2012-12-27 14:36:27
Bunnies will also "chew on air" if they are having dental problems, like they may need their molars trimmed.  


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I have 10 years experience in owning house rabbits. I volunteered 9 1/2 years at a local shelter and worked with the rabbits. I can answer generic questions regarding behavior, diet, caging, toys, bunny proofing, and health. My area of expertise is house rabbits. I have no knowledge about food rabbits, wild rabbits or breeding. I'm not in the veterinary profession and there are some questions that should be asked of your vet first. Please do not wait for me to answer you if you thing there is a health problem Please take your rabbit to a vet. If I do not know the answer, I will do my best to lookup information about your problem, but I may still recommend you take your rabbit to a vet, or ask another expert. Recommended rabbit references are, the House Rabbit Handbook, Language of Lagomorphs, and Charky and Ash's Rabbit References.


10 years owning house rabbits and 9 1/2 years volunteering at a shelter that took in house rabbits. I became one of the rabbit experts at the shelter.

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