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Rabbits/Rabbit lost his claw and bleeding!


jeffers wrote at 2008-07-26 11:02:33
just had a similar prob...he wa running around garden...yes basic 1st aid(pressure etc)...but watch day by day,after..and trim claws

Bunny lover girl wrote at 2013-10-23 20:25:24
Hi my bunny just got his claw pulled out and bleed he's fine all I did was wash his paw and I put him in his cage and right now he's laying down and he may be just bleeding a tiny bit but my rabbit midnite is fine just don't worry clean it and put him I'm a safe area were nothing can hurt him my bunny is in his cage and he's safe so I hope this helps and I'm just 11 so I just wanted to help u so ya bye :)


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I can answer anything regarding care of rabbits (feed, grooming, maintenance ect.) I also can help with sick bunny's I have been thru my fair share of illiness but know I AM NOT A VET I just know from presonal experences and talking with my vet. I know about breeding and showing as well. I specialize in Mini Rex and Polish but know quite a bit about other rabbit's as well. I know some about genetics. I will NOT answer questions about meat rabbits for food. Also I know very little about keeping or takeing care of wild bunny's.


Breeding mini rex and polish for 2-3 years Showing rabbit's for 2 -3 years 4-H rabbit club member Worked for a local shelter for 2 years Volunteered for the local shelter for 4 years in HS


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