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Bunny Dad. wrote at 2013-03-28 07:07:16
In response to this in hopes it will add to the answer for anyone in the future:

We took in a 1 year old Jersy Wooley, and named her Trouble.  Sweet thing, she loves to cuddle and be pet, and is calm when being groomed.   

We have 2 Dutch Rabbits, a male, Harvey, and a young female Pooka.  Today, we had Trouble to the vet for her wellness exam, and she is in perfect health.  This evening, we did what the vet recommended, and put greens out on 3 seperat paper plates, in a room which was neutral for them all.  Within a momnent or two, Pooka, was playing and running around, Harvey found  nice area on the floor where he was comfortable, and Trouble, went right over to Harvey and started sniffing him..Harvey is very nice, and will bow his head, allowing Pooka to be dominant, and he did the same with trouble...Trouble proceeded to bite harvey, and I had to intervene.   So, it is what i had feared, and had heard before..long hair breeds are VERY territorial, and agressive, and can be dangerouse to handle.


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I can answer questions about rabbit care, especially rabbit grooming, body language, training, and feeding. I don't breed rabbits, but I rescue and foster them, which may be helpful to some people who have questions about that. When I got my first rabbit, Couture, I spent months researching and reading all I could about rabbits and everything they do, including their relations to the wild rabbits you can still see today.

I don't condone rabbit breeding, especially for food, fur and pet stores, and cannot answer questions about that. I have also experimented with several brands of rabbit toys, foods and can give opinions on most products, good and bad. I know about lops the most, including special grooming and ear maintenance. One not very useful thing I can also answer questions about is rabbit history, and their involvement in human history, in case you've heard anything about it you want to make sure is true.

What I do MOST is examine the BEHAVIOR of rabbits. I relate it to breed, treatment, food, stress, and several other important factors in a rabbit's life. I have had the most experience with lops.

Remember to watch the HEAT! Summer is here and coneys don't like to be in over 80 degree weather!


My friends and I adopt rabbits from shelters in Orange County (can you believe there is only one other rabbit rescue group here?) and find them homes with loving families. We know how a rabbit can completely affect a person's views on life and they are very loving and smart critters.

I also volunteer at local shelters and contact and help with the other rescue group where I live. I keep lops as companion animals and have gone through my share of emergency situations, especially as a new owner. I wish your rabbit a happy and healthy life like mine have had.

RabbitRights, website coming soon. It sounds like an animal rights group, but the rights it talks about is the right to a home and to be treated kindly. Its just a group of teenagers now, but we are saving rabbits as I speak!

I'm 15, so you could say, 10th grade.

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