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Rabbits/food rabbits should not eat.


bunnylove wrote at 2010-04-27 20:12:27
Big Clarification point:  Iceberg lettuce is POISON to many rabbits.  Beyond the fact that it does not have any nutitional can give the rabbit the runs, leading to death.  Unfortunately, the death is quite quick with no chance to do anything about it.  Make sure your rabbit does not get iceberg lettuce.  Romaine is fine.  Iceberg can kill!

Paisley wrote at 2011-11-16 03:41:01
I would never let your rabbit eat iceberg lettuce or let it eat to much card board. The reason for the iceberg lettuce is that it makes their digestive system gets goofed up(my rabbit farted for days and it smelt) The card board is a good cheep toy but you don't want to let them have a lot because they get clogged up.  

Becky Sorrells wrote at 2012-06-20 19:51:42
I have raised rabbits for over 40 yrs potatoes are very toxic to rabbits we found out the hard way there is a chemical in potatoes that cripples the hind legs after eating potatoes so be very careful potatoes are not reccomended to feed your rabbits we had very bad results after feeding potatoes my Grandmother said don't feed them potatoes I forgot and fed them by morning I had 3 paralyzed rabbits I have raised and sold rabbits for over 40 years wonderful pets that can be boxed trained like cats. Just remember by my mistakes absolutely no potatoes sweet or white. Carrots are a delicacy to them and are totally safe along with dried gourmet food I have had long lived healthy bunnies wonderful pets

Nicola wrote at 2013-03-03 16:45:14
On your list is dried corn but at the pet store I buy my rabbit dried corn on the cob is that the same thing

Nicola wrote at 2013-03-03 16:45:22
On your list is dried corn but at the pet store I buy my rabbit dried corn on the cob is that the same thing

Anna wrote at 2013-07-28 02:04:14
rabbits can eat daisys and only pregnet rabbits can eat iceberg lettuce  

Bloomingdalesrosie wrote at 2014-03-26 21:19:22
That is a great answer.Make sure you don't fall for the article 'treats for your rabbit' on wikiHow because rabbits are strictly forbidden to eat dairy products since they could not digest it.I hope the author of the 'treats for your rabbit' comes to this website and learn their lesson.


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