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Rabbits/I hit/spank my rabbit


iriswarrior1 wrote at 2008-09-11 02:04:08
Dylan.  Give the rabbit to someone else.  You shouldn't have a pet of any kind.  A rabbit has a soul, and you've hurt another living thing spiritually as well as physically.  You have your reasons?  None of them are good enough, my man.

Please also understand one thing-abusing an animal is illegal.  If someone sees you doing this, you can be arrested for animal abuse, and you can be fined money for hurting the bunny, or go to jail, or both.

It's time for you to stop thinking about what YOU want, and give that poor rabbit what she needs-love.  You need it too, my man, but you can't get people or rabbits to love you by whupping on them.  

Peace, Bro.  Be a man, do the right thing.  

Emma Birch wrote at 2008-11-19 12:43:25
If you are in the uk I will collect your rabbit.

What you have been doing is cruel and sadistic, you do not deserve her.

I will make sure she reaches a proper home with people who will care for her.

Darcy wrote at 2008-11-22 19:56:14
that is discusting you could do this to something so small ACTUALLY even do it atall once you have done it and you cant controll it id get her to a safe home as once you have hit her it will take her for ages for her to trust you again!

I cant belive you could do that!i have a rabbit and even if he does not listen to me and bites me i dont even shout no at him i place him straight back into his cage without anything as if it was time out!

if you dont want to Give her away then i suggest you do something drasticly about this "habbit" of yours try what i do soon as you feel like hitting her put her in her cage or remove her so you cant get to her.

i feel dearly for your rabbit i do hope she is safe with you and either you stop hitting her or find her a home, if i herd about this i would rescue her from you.

Please take my advise!


katiepotatie wrote at 2009-01-18 19:08:32
i think you people who abuse your animals are disgusting, i have two rabbits and sometimes they bite me but i would never dream of hurting them you seriously need help because what you are doing is wrong on all levels, you need to take your to someone who will love and care for them

the rabbit spanker wrote at 2009-04-02 16:14:00
u are such a wierdo why would u want to spank a rabbit? i might just go home and give my rabbit a good old spank :)

Sarah wrote at 2010-03-03 10:02:55

You need to learn how to respond to questions in a more professional manner. Yes, these questions are clearly naive, and clearly these people are harming their animals, however, be the bigger person and do not scream at the people for an answer.

I have never seen or heard a vet answer a question in such an ignorant and rude way.

Did you consider that maybe these are questions from children who maybe dont know any better? Also, rabbits will be rabbits, humans will be humans. A rabbit should never be treated with more respect than a human. Humans can be ignorant and abusive, but you need to learn how to respond without sounding like (pardon me but,) a psycho person with a rabbit obsession.

Try to sound more like a vet, and less like an angry PETA member.


rabbits_for_lyfe wrote at 2012-02-28 10:23:20
what you need to do is grab her by the feet and ears and hold her up to a mirror.  shell know that she is not the alpha in the house and begin to respect you as her owner.  if she continues then let a boa teach her, her rightful place on the food chain.  Then buy a new one and this time dont hit it lol.  theyre actually pretty cool pets when theyre not pissed off.  

Anonymous wrote at 2012-09-17 05:10:20
Wow I have to wonder what this doctors Ph.D topic was, because I certainly imagine it had nothing to do with psychology. Unless, I mean, she can conjure up a study that shows every human being who was ever spanked is now suffering from PTSD. Is this for real? The poster sounds like a troll and the doctor sounds like she is foaming at the mouth. I come from a family with many pets and when they did something bad, a firm but harmless smack on the butt made them think twice about doing it again. Our pets loved us and lived long, happy lives. A good smack is a perfectly acceptable way of deterring a creature from repeating undesirable behaviors, the same way nature created things like poison ivy to teach animals a lesson if they nibble on it. Just know the difference between a conscious behavior and an instinctive behavior, because you can't do much about the latter and punishing your bunny will result in nothing but stress for the animal. Don't listen to what this over-the-top 'expert' says, just love your pets and treat them well and they will love you back.

Ali wrote at 2012-11-24 01:32:23
^^Above poster:

You're an idiot.


They are NOT dogs and they WILL not respond

the way you want them to. Instead, they will be

even MORE afraid than before and if scared badly enough,


TheRealBob wrote at 2013-05-28 14:32:04
I think you should hit it harder personally. Other wise the rabbit won't understand what it did wrong. I catch wild rabbits and hit them because they need to know that they are wrong

rabbit boy wrote at 2015-02-15 09:50:51
i think u should kill and eat the bunnie. i love buying them then frying them and giving to homeless people

Alina wrote at 2016-06-10 22:27:48

You're an idiot. A rabbit should not be treated LESS than a human. You need to respect animals just as you respect humans, and if you do not understand that, you have NO BUSINESS responding to this board. What the OP said was disgusting, and while the vet was not being as professional as they could have been, when you're being faced with someone clearly abusing their pet and saying things like "they can't control it," how are you supposed to respond? It's a disgusting thing to come across, yet you're spewing such nonsense about how pets are inferior to humans?

People like you make me sick.  


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