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Rabbits/bunny ointment: coconut oil?


Dana Krempels wrote at 2010-06-08 22:33:18
Okay, while it's true that coconut oil is loaded with saturated fat, new research suggests it might not be quite as bad as previously thought.  Coconuts have weird compounds in them with unexpectedly healing properties.  While few scientific studies have rigorously addressed whether coconut oil has bioactivity or not, anecdotal reports of coconut oil helping with fungal infections and other maladies are starting to trickle in.  

So I partially retract my violent reaction to the coconut oil thing here, and will say that a *little bit* of coconut oil, preferably on areas where it can't be licked off, might help some nasty skin conditions.  

Hey, we live and learn.  I'm not convinced yet, but I'm also back on the fence.

Dana Krempels

Healthy1 wrote at 2010-07-28 22:28:44
While it may be true that coconut oil is not the best choice for rabbits, to make a blanket statement saying that coconut or coconut oil is unhealthy is FALSE information. Coconut is actually a very healthy food and healthy oil, despite it's past reputation. Perhaps NOT for bunnies... but for humans it's an excellent choice (as long as it is pure, organic, extra virgin coconut oil !) Read the super health benefits of coconut oil here-

Brandy wrote at 2012-08-11 19:01:27
With all due respect, coconut oil is not a typical saturated fat, and is used extensively, both topically and ingested, on many animals due to its healing, antimicrobial properties.  It has been mistakenly lumped into a "deadly fat" category for years, but is one of the most powerfully nutritious and healing natural substances there is.  I know of bunny moms who are currently using coconut oil on their babies now, so more research should be done before giving a definitive response.

Keeping knowledge up to date! wrote at 2015-05-18 18:19:41
You are about 10-15 years behind.  Please update your research as coconut oil has been proven to be one of the most BENEFICIAL oils!! If you put too much oil on it will feel 'icky' I suggest using no more than a dab of melted coconut oil.


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