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Rabbits/How can I tell when my rabbit will give birth?


I have found a rabbit and decided to keep it. To our suprise we have noticed that there is something moving in the abdomen of the rabbit. I am a mom so it is clearly obvious that our new found friend is pregnant. My question is at this point, How can I tell respectivly how pregnant? I don't know how old the rabbit is or anything about her. What should I do?

Hi Cindy,
The rabbit gestation period is about 28 to 32 days. By the sound of it, she is pretty far along. You can give her a nesting box and some hat to build a nest in for her babies. She will also stop eating before she has the babies and she will begin to make a nest with her hair. Check on her every so often to see that she is doing well and you may even catch her in the act of kindling. When she does have her babies make sure that both the mom and babies both are doing well. If the mom is not eating or feeding her babies and just sitting still and not acting like herself, she may have a kit stuck in her and it will have to be surgically removed by a vet asap! She will not feed them often, mostly at night or early in the morning. This is perfectly normal and the babied are ok if they have full tummies and are toasty warm in their nest. Rabbit milk is extremely rich and when they drink it it can last them all day long until their mother feeds them again at night. But if you see the mother feeding them in the day too then that is also fine. Be sure to check on the kits every day to be sure that they are being fed. The mother will not mind if you handle them although it is not the best if you handle them too much. They will open their eyes at about 2 weeks of age and will also start eating a little grownup food but they will still need their mother's milk until they are 7-8 weeks old, then you can wean them one at a time.
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