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Anya wrote at 2012-12-06 02:28:06
i let my boys mount their girls 3 times 1 day and 2 times the next to make sure they are pregnant. i have never had any troubles with the litters and letting them breed more than the 1 mount is better. the doe will release the egg with the first mounting but she wont necessarily become pregnant. if you let the buck mount her a few more times you have a much stronger chance. However after he has mounted her a few times separate them as he can get her pregnant with two litters and that can kill her. she will be pregnant for 28-32 days but she can carry until 35-36 days and still have a healthy litter. at day 25 give her a nest box with hay so that she can build a nest for her babies. When she is ready to deliver her babies she will gather a bunch of hay in her mouth and carry it around. She will out it in her nest and pull fur to line the nest to keep her babies warm. she will have them and i advise you to leave them alone for the first few days and them only check them once a day until they open their eyes at about 2 weeks old. then you can handle them a few times a day. have fun with your bunnies!

PS. I type this info from experience not reading books. I have been breeding rabbits for 5 years.


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I have 4 house rabbits and experience with rabbit pregnancy, babies, bunny bonding, litter training, behavior training, cage and cage-free living, bunny proofing your home, basic health and diet, spaying/neutering, bunny talk, and bunny fun. I have neutered and spayed my rabbits and have dealt with amputations, broken bones, holistic pain management with rabbits so i can give you advice for surgery aftercare, BUT I am NOT a Veterinarian and cannot give you in depth answers on health, biology, or medicines.

If you suspect something is wrong with your rabbit please do not wait - go to the vet immediately. Signs include bleeding, broken bones, watery diarrhea, no poop for more than 12 hours, not eating/drinking, un-responsive/lethargic/listless behavior, screaming, constant LOUD teeth chatter. Be safe not sorry. Go to the vet!

I love rabbits and am here to help you have the best bunny experience you can with your pet. I deal only with pet rabbits and do not endorse hobby breeding/breeding for fun. I do NOT support breeding operations regardless of their purpose. My rabbits are valued members of my family. They live cage free.

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With four house rabbits I have experienced everything from false pregnancy, to real pregnancy, obesity in rabbits, cold/dead kits, nursing baby rabbits and raising them to adulthood. I am also involved in the rescue rabbit rehoming project in my area. We help rescue rabbits find loving homes. I have come in contact with a lot of rabbit situations through this association.

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I have two un-related bunny degrees. B.A. in Political Science and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design

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