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Rabbits/rabbit behaviour - urinating and pooping


Tina O wrote at 2012-11-09 21:52:41
I was so thrilled to read this. I have two Holland Lopp females. I have the same set up they have a small bathroom on a spare room that is all theirs!! I just had an incident where they peed on each cushion of my sofa's (3 of them) and they have never done it again. It was a marker for sure. They have freedom of the house except when I leave the house but their room is attached to a spare room and its all theirs. I can tell when they want attention too. They are a pair and again your information was priceless. Thank-you

Tina O


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Mirella Brown


I have 4 house rabbits and experience with rabbit pregnancy, babies, bunny bonding, litter training, behavior training, cage and cage-free living, bunny proofing your home, basic health and diet, spaying/neutering, bunny talk, and bunny fun. I have neutered and spayed my rabbits and have dealt with amputations, broken bones, holistic pain management with rabbits so i can give you advice for surgery aftercare, BUT I am NOT a Veterinarian and cannot give you in depth answers on health, biology, or medicines.

If you suspect something is wrong with your rabbit please do not wait - go to the vet immediately. Signs include bleeding, broken bones, watery diarrhea, no poop for more than 12 hours, not eating/drinking, un-responsive/lethargic/listless behavior, screaming, constant LOUD teeth chatter. Be safe not sorry. Go to the vet!

I love rabbits and am here to help you have the best bunny experience you can with your pet. I deal only with pet rabbits and do not endorse hobby breeding/breeding for fun. I do NOT support breeding operations regardless of their purpose. My rabbits are valued members of my family. They live cage free.

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With four house rabbits I have experienced everything from false pregnancy, to real pregnancy, obesity in rabbits, cold/dead kits, nursing baby rabbits and raising them to adulthood. I am also involved in the rescue rabbit rehoming project in my area. We help rescue rabbits find loving homes. I have come in contact with a lot of rabbit situations through this association.

Rescue Rabbit Rehoming Project - Ontario Chapter
I'm a volunteer at my local Animal Shelter /Spec. Rabbits

I have two un-related bunny degrees. B.A. in Political Science and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design

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