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Rabbits/Is my rabbit sheding or has some other problem?


A. wrote at 2013-02-16 21:31:07

I'm sorry, but I have to step in here. That answer is entirely wrong, Lisa L., and while it might be too late for the original asker I hope anyone who finds this doesn't believe what you said. Rabbits are NOT solitary animals. It is RECOMMENDED that they be kept in male-female pairs (ideally neutered so they don't breed). A male is not going to kill a female - that's beyond ridiculous - and if they were fighting you would see it, they would both have signs, and there would be scratches or bite marks, not bald spots. Your rabbit was likely suffering from a mite infestation or skin disease and would require treatment by a rabbit-savvy veterinarian.  


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There is no formal training for raising rabbits; its all hands on. I have had a steady rabbit breeding operation for 24 years and have read every book there is on raising rabbits for meat. Additionally, I am a member of several rabbit groups and associations as listed below.

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