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matt wrote at 2012-11-25 22:11:24
have been told its deadly to bunnies ~do you have links to verify these statements ie studies?


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Alice Graham


I will answer any and all questions. People are going to act and choose to breed rabbits and other animals accidentally and intentionally and I would rather HELP YOU then JUDGE YOU!


I have owned rabbits for nearly 30 years. I had them as a child and have passed them on now to my young son who adores them. I have run into almost every kind of accident and emergency and I can tell you what is and what isn't necessary... I won't be held accountable for advice given as I am NOT a veterinarian. However I can give you practical what you really need to hear advice rather than the judgmental criticisms that you find online. Send a private message anytime.

None.. I am affiliated with no organizations. My expertise comes from real life experience handling these delicate beautiful creatures. I want to help you help them. Again, not criticize your choices. They are yours. I just want to bring a voice to the table that is different from the rest and I will answer honestly an in depth. No two-liners you could have guessed yourself....

None to speak of. I am not a vet. I am just a rabbit loving Mother who has card for her bunnies through HARD times and know what real life is like.

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