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Rabbits/Is my rabbit blind in one eye?


Jesse Picard wrote at 2013-06-04 22:55:59
i have had the same issue with my current bunny and a past one

im also medically trained but what people are describing does not sound like cataracts.a cataract forms between the cornea and the lens of the eye. a white/blue cloud that is deeper in the eye is a sign of trauma to the eye causing blood cells to accumilate in the vitreous humor. i actually had this issue myself

the eye may possible clear up in time if the eye has adequate drainage can take a few months.

now the scary stuff for bunnies it may cause permanent visual damage, you can get a vitectomy in which eye is cleared of debris and refilled with saline, very expensive for a rabbit. the last scary thing and this is a vet buddy of mine if the cloud cause too much pressure to the eye it may pop out and/or must be surgically removed.but most bunnies live fine happy lives bumping into walls all blind


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