My rabbit has ongoing problems (upper respitory infection,sneezing,coughing,teary eye(s),abscesses,ear infections) i have had email correspondance with you in the past but i guess you havent checked your emails or something to respond to my latest inquiry. I figured i might try this seeing how you might respond quicker.my rabbit has been on a few antibiotics in the past with only temporary improvements,the latest antibiotic was suggested after a culture and sensitivite swab from his ear (pus).if you want to see the results i think i attached them to the email i sent you. The bacteria they found was serratia marcesens and stenotrophomonas maltiophilia the vet put my rabbit on trimethprim/sulfamethoxacole does that sound right?  How long to see results? Also should i push him to also put him on pen g ben for a knockout blow?(are those antibiotics even compatible?) Also he has small absesses all over will antibiotics eventually remove the abscesses?
Thanks in advance

Dear Marc,

Sorry for the delay.  We had a very sad death in my family and that put everything else on hold.

The bacteria you name are not common pathogens; they are opportunists that are taking up residence because a hospitable environment exists for them in your bunny's upper respiratory system.  Very often, the source of the problem is dental disease.  The maxillary sinus becomes blocked by dental intrusion and/or infection, and chronic runny nose, runny eyes, etc. are the result.

Unfortunately, there is not always an easy fix for this.  A bunny with a strong immune system will weather this better than a compromised one, so start by being sure he's got all the supportive care he needs:  the best food, constant access to clean water and good quality hay.  A peaceful, quiet place to be when he wants privacy.  Just what you'd want, too.  That's a start.  Echinacea extract might help boost him a bit.  No exact dose known, but a dropperful of the stuff from a good quality health food store once a day for seven days might help.  Can't hurt.

Have a look at these articles for additional clues to what's going on and what might help, at least palliatively:




Your vet might find this one interesting and useful:


I hope this will help get bun back on the road to feeling better.

Take care,



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