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Hi Pam,  I have a 4 year old rabbit who has had his teeth filed and my vet found 2 abcesses which he drained and left the incision open to drain.  At his last check up the vet said that his root has started to grow back and he suggested to extract 3 molar teeth.  He said to do this he would have to cut open his cheek muscle to get to the top teeth and open under his chin to get to the bottom.  Then he would have to be on a feeding drain for around 4 days.   This seems very extreme to me.  I have just read an article on Bicillin for abcesses with good results.  Is this the procedure for pulling teeth, is there an alternative and what do you think of the Bicillin injections?  I live in Spain and my vet is supossed to be rabbit savvy.  My rabbit is eating very well and appart from the daily cleaning and trips to the vet is really very happy.  Playing with his girllfriend and nudging for lots of cuddles.  Please help as i feel i don't want to put him through any unneccessary procedures when he appears to be so happy!  Thankyou and i await your response,
Tania and Sparky the rabbit.

Hi Tania,

I guess I don't understand completely what you are talking about but I will try to help.  If the abscess are inside his mouth pulling the teeth might be the only option.  If they are on the outside then I suggest daily flushing with iodine and this product:

We have successfully healed multiple abscesses with this cream.  The key is to heal them from the inside out.  They should be left open as he has done and each day when you flush it and use the cream you will notice it closing slowly.

If the cause of the abscess is molar spurs you will need to continue to have them filed.  While I believe that in some cases pulling the teeth is necessary it does seem awfully extreme in what he is wanting to do.   I would ask the veterinarian how many times he has performed this procedure.  You might want to suggest treating it with the bicillin and cream first and then if it comes back again consider the surgery.

I am sorry your bunny is not doing well.  If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know.



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