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Hi there thank you for taking time to read this. My seven year old daughter wanted a bunny for a long time, I finally gave in and found a beautiful "doe" at an amazing pet store. I'm a firm believer in animals being in pairs so they are never alone, so a week later I went back for a second lop and a bigger cage. They told me they only sell females and reassured me I had two females and that they would get along just fine. They have been with us now for almost three months. Two days ago I walked in and saw LuLu in full mount on Lyla. After calling the pet store again they still stood by the female only policy and made it out to be that maybe the rabbits were just playing. I now know they made a mistake cause LuLu will not leave Lyla alone for a minute. I felt so bad for her and quickly seperated them. Lyla looks bigger and hates for me to pick her up (which is completely not like her). I'm also worried about her being pregnant with two litters (I read that on the internet). Please help me with my bunnies we love them very much but are not nearly experienced enough to deal with this, if she does have babies I'm terrified to lose her and/or the kits. I also don't know what to do about my buck. Please please tell me what to do or where to turn!!!!

Confused and worried,

hi crystal pick the one you think is a bck and look at the underside , if its a buck you should see his testes
if so, separate them and if the doe is pregnant she may become aggressive, don't worry she can only have one litter and she will be ok , ut plenty of hay in her cage for her to make a nest.
24 hrs prior to birth she may pluck fur off her chest, this is normal.
gestation is 28-32 days.
let me know what you find


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