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Dear Dana,

Our rabbit was hospitalised with GI stasis which gut stimulant injection failed to overcome. Blood tests showed signs of renal dysfunction and possible E. caniculi as potential underlying problem. Gut stimulators, fluids (sub-Q then via drip) brought her round to eating and pooing again (including caecos) and she was started on Paracur just in case. She was grooming and hopping around happily enough inhospital and we brought her home two hours ago.

When we let her out of her carrycage she bolted madly around the room, knocking her head on furniture, and has since visited various corners in which she buries her head like an ostrich. She's obviously terrified and doesn't seem to recognise her home.

We've tried to leave her quiet and let her settle and have covered where she's hiding with a towel. I put some hay nearby for her to smell. We've left the lights on medium so that it's not really bright but not so dark that there are lots of scary shadows.

Please can you think of anything else that might help her settle in? I've read lots of your articles and if anyone knows I think you will. We asked our vets who have been v good with the medical treatment but I don't think any of them actually live with rabbits.

Simba doesn't have a friend, unfortunately, only us. We love her dearly and I'm worried about neurological damage as she did seem to show a bit of head tilt (and maybe can't see too well?) but it's hard to tell until she settles down and it's so hard to see her traumatised like this. We feel really bad that she's been through all this treatment and has ended up scared out of her wits.

Also we should be giving her more gut stimulant tonight and I don't know if that would be a good idea when she's in this state.

Hope you can help.

Many thanks,


Sorry this is a repeat question as I don't think I indicated the urgency previously

Dear Patricia

I'm sorry for the delay.  I had a death in the family and I'm still trying to catch up after losing 14 days.

How is she doing now?  Please write to: to give me an update.  

She should have settled in after 24 hours, and if she is still acting traumatized, it might be time for a gentle sedative from the vet, such as lorazepam.

I hope she's feeling better.



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