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Rabbits/Nothing but dead kits, is it just a personality issue?


Dear Dave,
I am writing this out of frustration. I am an oncologist living in South Carolina, US. My wife and I have kept 3 dwarf rabbits in a rabbit paradise. As a physician, I know better than to keep animals in unhealthy conditions. Regardless, our chinchilla dwarf doe rabbit has delivered three times now a pair of fully formed stillbirths everytime. It is very frustrating because we think one time the kit survived for 24 hours before it died. The buck is a dwarf Himalayan which has impregnated another doe but again it was her first pregnancy and I had to manually deliver that one ( dead as well) because it remained stuck to her behind for quite some time. I truly think the problematic doe gets frustrated and stressed with our presence and our dog's Yorkie ( which we made absolutely sure was not around their cages for the last week of pregnancy) that either she delays her delivery or neglects a detail or two where the end product is dead kits. The second litter I only recovered one skull. Horrific. I am ready to give her back to a pet store but I wondered wether there was anything else we could do to see healthy kits at some point.Would total isolation do it? The weather temperatures have ranged over the last 3 deliveries from 60's to 90's. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you,

hi ziad it could be a genetic problem with the buck so i would try another one .
also when mated a doe needs to be on her own and away from other animals, you feed and water as usual and when the babies are born you do not interfere just let her get on with rearing them ,after 2 days you remove the doe check the nest, remove any dead baby's ,recover the nest and replace the doe then just let her carry on.

sometimes the doe will kill all her babies because she cannot be bothered with them but nobody knows the real reason.


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