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Recently my dad has bought a Flemish giant rabbit... About 2 months old. It was said to be a male but this evening we went into the garage only to find 4 baby rabbits 2 dead and 2 alive we built a box and they are moving around a lot. They are doing a squeak type noise. I need to know anything you know about them, please!
*attiude towards their young
* anything you can tell me please!

hi Kristina put some hay in the box for mum to make a nest , remove the dead ones feed her as usual and just check them every 24 hrs to see she is feeding them .
if you interfere to much she will abandon them and they will die
she will only feed when things are quite so co not expect to see her feeding.
they will open the eyes at 7 -10 days and start moving about.
let me know how it goes


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I can answer questions about breeding and showing rabbits. I have been breeding Black Rex rabbits for the past 10 years and have won numerous prizes for showing them. Ive also done a fair amount of judging.

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