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Rabbits/Pregnant or not?



Hi, I'm Heather. I own two bunnies, both 11-weeks, from the same litter. I am not sure what gender they are, but I am suspecting they are a boy and girl. I caught them humping multiple times, the English spotted, whose name is Oreo (boy?) on top of the albino, whose name is Arietta (girl?) and I am worried about them. I need to know if the albino is pregnant or not. If you could get back to be quickly, that would be helpful as I do not know when (if pregnant) birth is given. Thank you!

hi heather its normal for rabbits to hump each other regardless of what sex they are .
its important you find out what sex they are , hold them upside down in your hand and blow away the fur near there private parts, the doe will look like a little slit and if you tenderly squeeze the bucks penis will come out .
rabbits can start breeding at 3 months old


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