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This morning, I noticed small bumps, and quite a few of them, on the back of my bunny's neck. They're hard to find but they don't look like insect-burrowing sites, and there isn't the dry skin, scabs, or hairloss normally associated with conditions like mites or mange. She also doesn't appear to be itchy or in pain or anything like that; she's her normal, happy, frisky self. Her partner in crime, with whom she is always physically very close, doesn't appear to have any of the same bumps.

Only two things have changed in their environment recently: a new untreated pine "fort", and a blanket spread out to keep little bunny paws from slipping on the floors (an old comforter, but washed in hot water before giving it to them). Sorry if that's too much information, but I wanted to make sure I touched on anything that could be relevant to a skin condition!  

I know that you can't really diagnose over the internet, and without seeing the bunny. I'll certainly take her to the vet if the condition worsens or changes. Just wondering what it could be, since nothing I can find online seems to match her symptoms.

Many thanks for your time and effort!

Happy holidays!

Dear Keely,

Is it possible her partner bunny is mounting her?  If so, the male will grab onto the back of the neck and sometimes will break the skin, leaving little wounds.

Part the fur and see if there are little scabs.  If there are, that could be the cause, especially if that is the ONLY location of the bumps.

If the bumps are under the skin, and if they change at all, then I'd have a good rabbit vet take a look to be sure it's not something that requires treatment.  You can find a rabbit vet here:

Hope this helps.



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