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Could you please tell us how to age different breeds of rabbits. Is there any way to link their weight with their age?



ANSWER: Hello there.
I would be very difficult to age rabbits by their weight.
However if you know  the breed you may be able to compare its weight & the "IDEAL" weight for that breed but after 10-12 months they reach their Sr. Weight & then its difficult to age by weigh.
Good luck.

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Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Could you please tell us how to age rabbits? We would be greatful if you could sent any document or figures to show this.

Thanks again


Hello Anand

This is something all us rabbit breeders face, too. Unfortunately, not even a vet can tell the age of a mature rabbit with any real accuracy. When the bunny is spayed or neutered, the condition of the reproductive organs can give a clue (if they're relatively small and "new" looking the bunny is probably only a few months old.

With a GREAT deal of experience, a person can learn to gauge the *approximate* age of a rabbit (under one year; 1-2 years; over 5 years, etc.) by looking at the shape of the body, the condition of the skin and eyes, the color and condition of the teeth, If a dewlap is present in does, etc. But it's a very inexact science.

I wish I could be of more help!
Good luck


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