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QUESTION: I have had one rabbit, Jazz since she was little. I've been think about getting her spayed but we only had her and no other rabbits so I've been putting it off. Well someone left a rabbit at my boyfriends work that they didn't want, and of course it is a little boy. We've had the little boy  fixed, he wouldn't stop humping everything (I didn't let them meet). Well now he is fixed and she (Jazz) has appointment in a few weeks to be fixed. But my main question is can I start bonding them before I get her fixed? They both realize that there is another bunny in the house and want to go explore each others area. I just moved there cages closer together so they can see and smell each other. Someone told me that it would be dangerous for them to meet this soon without her being fixed? When would be the best time to let them meet?

ANSWER: Dear Faith,

Actually, it may be easier to bond them before she's fixed, since she won't be a menopausal grump, and will probably welcome his humping.  :)

I'd wait until about 5 days after his surgery, just to be sure he's all healed.  But then you can start with supervised "dates" in a neutral territory.  Because she's intact, she will likely be less hostile to him than if she were spayed.

(I'm now doing an experimental thing in which we are removing the uterus of our rescues, but leaving the ovaries.  I love it.  Their personalities don't change, and they don't gain weight!  But there are cons to consider, as well.)

So I'd say go for it, using the techniques in the articles here:

She may go into a false pregnancy, but she'll get over that, too.  They're cute when they're high on hormones. :)

Hope this helps.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So I tried to let them meet for the first time, the male (Oliver) really wasn't that interested, but when he did go up to her she froze, ears straight up in the air and started,making  noises, is that normal? What does it mean when she starts making noises?
I went ahead n separated them.

Dear Faith,

Uh oh.  False pregnancy.  If she was whimpering, she was telling him that she's "already pregnant" and doesn't want his advances.  Until this passes (typically 17-21 days) she may stay grumpy and unapproachable.  She'll then build a nest, have "ghost babies" and be quite blissful.  At that point, she will likely be more receptive to him.

You can still do supervised "dates" with them, but do separate them if she seems unduly stressed by the encounters.  A couple of weeks isn't too long to wait for a bonded lifetime.  :)



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