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I am a Forum Leader on (a site dedicated to improving the daily care of house rabbits).  Recently, we have had a lot of confusion regarding the minimum amount of veggies a rabbit should receive each day.  So many sources have conflicting information, but the general consensus seems to be 2 cups per day for every 6 pounds of rabbit.  I've heard that 2 cups is the minimum and we can safely feed up to about 4 cups daily (or whatever the rabbit will eat) as long as hay consumption is not reduced.  My two rabbits (4 pounds and 6 pounds) each get between 3 and 4 cups per day, along with unlimited grass hay and very limited timothy-based pellets.  We have members who are insisting that 2 cups is too much for a smaller rabbit and that 2 cups should only be given if the rabbit is over 6 pounds.  I understand the 2 cup rule to be the minimum for ANY rabbit, regardless of size.  

What are your thoughts on rabbit size and quantity of fresh veggies?  Should veggies be fed on a graduated scale: 1 cup for 3 pounds, 2 cups for 6 pounds, 3 cups for 9 pounds, or is it 2 cups for everyone, with more for medium (6+ lb.) and large rabbits (10+ lb.)?

Thank you so much for reading!

Dear Beka,

I'm afraid my opinion here isn't going to help much.  My answer would be:  It depends on the individual rabbit!  

I have had very small bunnies devour way more than 2 cups of greens per day and be completely healthy.  I'm not sure there is a "minimum" amount you could measure in cups.  It's a sort of gestalt thing:  whatever combination and quantity of pellets/hay/greens results in the bunny having general good health and nice, normal poops and cecotropes are right for that bunny.

It can change over the course of the bunny's life.  I've noticed that older bunnies sometimes get cecal dysbiosis more readily than younger buns, but this is not always related to diet.  

We feed our buns in pairs, and each pair of buns gets a plate of greens that's equivalent to about 6 cups.  Big buns get a little more.

Not sure that helps, but there it is. :)



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