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Hi Dana.
Im a danish vet with a question about my own bunny Mickey.
Hes been "off", eating less, not as active as usual and just a little "off".
I just got the bloodwork back and Im not sure how to interpret them.
The references from the lab is diferent than the ones I can find in the books and online.
My question more or less is:
What could I expect to find on blodworks from a bunny with lymphoma?

His results in short is:
Lymphocytes 71% with a ref of 30-85 and a note of "increased presence of reactive lymphocytes".

Do I need to worry??

Kind regards from a vet, who is more of a concerned bunny-owner at the time  ;-)
Henriette Munk

Dear Henriette,

I'm not an oncologist, so don't really have the expertise to address what signs you might expect to see in a bunny with lymphoma.  I will say that we rarely see this type of cancer in rabbits, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.  This is pretty close to my limit of expertise, and I'm not sure how useful my comments here will be.  But here goes.

I'm not sure what the units are when you say "71% lymphocytes with a ref of 30-85.  If that means that the normal range is between 30-85%, then his lymphocytes are still in the normal range.  The fact that there's an increased number of reactive lymphocytes suggests exposure to some type of antigen, perhaps viral.  Is there prevalence of myxomatosis or Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (calicivirus) in your area?

I'm not sure what I'd make of the anisocytosis and polychromasia.  There are various causes for each condition (though they might be related).

If the blood count was done with a counter set to values for a dog or cat, it might not be accurate, since rabbits have oddly shaped and sized blood cells as compared to other mammals.  

It's possible that your bunny's bone marrow is releasing immature red blood cells prematurely, which would not be a good thing.  (I probably don't need to tell you that neoplasia in the bone marrow could cause increased levels of erythropoeitin.)

Similarly, not sure what to make of the polychromasia diagnosis, unless it's more of the same as what is causing the anisocytosis.  Could it be an artifact of the blood draw?  

I hope your bunny is fine, and that these blood results are anomalous because of lab artifacts.  But to set your mind at ease, you might want to have another sample done, perhaps at a different veterinary clinic?

Wish I could be of more help.

Sending healing thoughts.



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