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Rabbits/Mini Lop just gave birth and might still be pregnant?!?!


We took in what we were told were 2 females 2 weeks ago. Long story short, they are male and female and as soon as I figured that out (5 days ago) I separated them and I palated the female and felt a baby, saw movement, and could express milk. The 2 were housed together behind a feed store and I'm thinking they bred over and over and must've killed the kits because the owner never saw any. As soon as I knew she was pregnant we made her a place in our laundry room with a nesting box (4 days ago). She set it up with hay that night and tonight I went in to check on her and found a dead kit on the floor and 2 other puddles of blood on the floor and it looked like her water broke while she was in her litter box. She had pulled some fur during the process because it was in her box and some near the dead baby. I disposed of the baby and cleaned up the mess and watched her for a bit and I swear I still see movement in her belly but she seems done with the birthing. If she is pregnant still with another litter, are the chances pretty high that she will kill them?  I couldn't tell if the kit that was born was killed by her or not..there had been about 3 hrs from the last time I checked on her to when I saw the baby. It didn't look mutilated.

Hi Jenny,

It is possible that she has more babies in there.  The only thing you can really do is watch her.  It seems as though she made an attempt at being a good mother but clearly is confused.  If you keep her in a quiet place where she can't be bothered she may do fine if she has more.  I have seen them have babies several hours apart.  If she doesn't have anything else in a day or two then she is probably done.  Within the next day or two if there are no more babies I would get her to a rabbit savvy vet right away.  There is a possibility of babies becoming stuck.  The best thing for her would be to get her spayed.  Once she is spayed and the buck is neutered they can be re-bonded.  

Good luck



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