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we have jsut put our buck & doe together for the first time. its not the first time he has bred & when he bred with another doe i noticed how he waited for her to submit & the whole ritual took about 10 mins. but this time he jumped straight on the new doe & it was over in the much talked about rabbit like flash. she didn't seem to submit at all & seemed to be trying to escape from him.
we are wondering if we should put them back together again to make sure she is pregnant as we want rabbits for christmas (pets not to eat!) but we don't want her to grow a 2nd litter. we put them together 4 days ago. should we re-unite them?

Hi daisy my bucks do exactly what yours as done , they mate in about 30 seconds.
Put the buck in with the doe after 15 days and if she is pregnant she will try nd bite him , if so remove him straight away.
One good sign a doe is pregnant is that they become very aggressive and may try to bite you.
So be careful when feeding


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