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I've had my beloved bunny Fox for about 4 years. She was a rescue that I happy took. I do not believe she is that old. She has had no tail for quite awhile.. It's basically cartilage. Hard as a board. Her bum area is always wet stiff,etc, she urinates normal I've watched her. It goes on the litter as it should. I've racked up $800 in vet bills on her having them put her under to shave the area and she just had blood work done that came back fine. So then they said she has arthritis and have me giving her Metacam. She usually lays with her belly over something but I don't believe it's gi stasis because she has the biggest appetite! Never turns down food. Poop is normal except when she has kale she has a touch of diarrhea. Which I've just decided to cut out of her diet to
rid her of that. She shuffles her weight on those back legs constantly. Please help me! you've come recommended as very knowledgeable. Going to send pics. Wondering if she's got a broken pelvis broken leg or had a mini stroke. It's killing me to think of her pain.

Hi Joy
Sorry to hear about Fox's troubles, she's gorgeous!

If she's having this trouble around her hind end, have you had the vets do an x-ray? She may have old fractures causing arthritis and pain. It would certainly give you a better picture of what's going on in there. The tail damage and possible bottom damage may be caused by her being bitten by something in the past, we have had girls with deformed bottoms (and a boy with a bitten off winkle!) at the rescue which mean they need regular cleaning. You can use wet wipes, warm water and cotton wool, and use curved-end scissors to keep the fur trimmed. If she's got pain she may not be able to reach down there properly to clean herself.  

We also had a bun at the rescue who we sadly lost a few weeks ago. He was a giant bun and had old fractures in his spine and hind end which caused him pain, he would hop awkwardly and sit with his feet stuck out in front of him. He had to be on daily pain medication to keep him going.

Keep with the metacam as advised by your vet, this will keep her appetite going and importantly keep her gut going too.

Get an x-ray of her hind end and spine, that will hopefully clear up what's going on as she does sound like she is quite uncomfortable but putting a brave face on it.

I hope I've helped a little?


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