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Hi Julia!
I am a new bunny owner and I have a question about the living situation of my new bun. I love having my rabbit in my living room/dining room because he loves people and loves to be around us. BUT my living room/dining room is located near a pretty busy street and an airport and it can get pretty noisy. He seems to be ok with it, but Im afraid that something maybe like a snow plow rumbling by might scare him to death...literally. I really don't want to put him in a room that we dont spend as much time in.Should I move him?

-Thank you

Jessica, it is great you are thinking of your rabbit. The usual culprits on rabbits being startled to death are sudden, loud noises. Fireworks, gunshots, etc. As long as he is ok now, a snowplow should not bother him. Sirens might, but hopefully you don't have many come by. If you know of a time when the noise is going to get louder, I would move him then. Being around the humans he loves may be enough to help him through the noise.
Enjoy your pet!  


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The photo is of my daughter with her Best of Breed winner at our State Fair. Your questions are being answered by an adult! LOL I can help with questions on breeding and showing rabbits. I DO NOT condone breeding for the sake of breeding. We only breed for specific shows and to improve the breed. I am not a vet, but may be able to help a new person who is getting started and needs some advice. I will refer you to a vet for anything I am not sure of. We raise and show Mini-lop Rabbits. We have raised Grand Champion Rabbits, and we have dealt with problems arising from breeding and having rabbits in general. Whether you want to show, or just have a rabbit as a pet, make sure you have the time to spend with them, the money needed to care for them, and adequate housing for them.


My family and I raise and show Mini-Lop rabbits. We have raised several Grand Champions, and have won numerous Best of Breed and other awards. We have had many carefully planned litters over the years, and also dealt with problems that arise from having rabbits in general. Becca also has won Best in Show.

We are members of the ARBA, and an ARBA registered rabbitry. Also are members of the Mini-lop Rabbit Club of America, and several local clubs.

I have no "formal" training, but just rely on the experience I have gained as a successful breeder and shower.

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Our daughter won Best of Breed at the State Fair, and has numerous other Best of Breed wins. Our rabbits are all loved, healthy, and sweet. Also have Best in Show wins to add to her credit now.

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Many people have bought our non-showable rabbits as pets, and have spread the word about our bunnies. They all know they can call or e-mail me with their questions.

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