i bought this rabbit from a feed store and was curious as to what breed it is???

Rabbit genetics are very complicated.

In the case of a REW (red eyed white) - the rabbit can be almost ANY breed - because the white gene is dominant over other colors.

The easiest way to explain it would be - take any object in your home - of any color - and lay a white bed sheet over it.  Now - what color is it???? -its white because you laid a white sheet over it, but under that sheet the same object is a different color.

When rabbits carry the REW gene, it 'masks' their true color.  They can be brown, black, blue, spotted, etc. but that color cant show through the REW gene they have.

Given the body shape and ear positon, I believe you have a  New Zealand White - which is the most common commercial meat rabbit.  If they are handled from a very young age they can become quite social, but if not they tend to be on the skittish/nervous side and tend to shy away from humans.

Good luck with your new bunny!


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