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Rabbits/Bunny started peeing on sofa!!!!


Hi Cat, our 8 month old lionhead lop,Gremlin,has been really good about peeing in her litter tray. Then all of a sudden last week she started peeing on the sofa ,4 times in fact. We can't understand what  could have made her suddenly started doing this. We haven't changed her diet or anything to do with her daily  routine. She also had one day when and went round rubbing her head round everything like she had to remark all her territory. Please help.  
P.S. she really loves to lick my partners faced all over like a dog would do,she's the size of a small dog so it looks rather funny, is this normal.?

Hi Susan

Is your bun spayed? If not she may use pee to scent mark.

Also, soft squidgy furnishings like sofas and beds often smell quite strongly of people, to rabbits, so even desexed bunnies can't help themselves!

Make sure you clean up the pee thoroughly and remove the smell of previous pee as they will come back to places they've pee'd before based on smell. Then you've got the options of either not allowing her on the sofa or using cheap fleece blankets or puppy pee pads where she sits.

Chinning things to scent mark is normal and causes no damage. My two are constantly chinning things to claim them as theirs! (So far most of my belongings, are theirs!)

Good luck!


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