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QUESTION: Dear Doctor,

I live in India and have had my rabbit Gabru for 5 years. I adopted him when he was already adult ( I therefore do not know his exact age)
Over the last few weeks he has developed a lump on his neck/chest area. The fur on this site is visible separately. There is no wetness or crustiness here. It is a bit hard but moves about under my finger. He shows no discomfort if I touch it.

But now he has suddenly started having some trouble eating. He can eat his pellets and his hay but any other food he gets very uncomfortable and literally throws it our of his mouth. It is his right side that seems to be in trouble.

I love my Gabru very deeply and I have kept him as well as I can throughout. He lives in very clean environments and is a house rabbit with free access to space and exercise.

There are no rabbit vets here in India and I am at my wits end.
Please please please help.

Thank you

ANSWER: Dear Disha,

It sounds as if your bunny may have a dental abscess that is now interfering with his eating.  I cannot see it to be sure, and since I can't see I can't tell exactly what this looks like.  If you can send a clear picture to it would help.

Please see:


I hope these might help you get the problem under control.  Please share the information with *any* vet willing to see your bunny, because you will not be able to handle this problem without medical assistance.

I hope your bunny will be better soon, and I hope this helps.


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Thank you for this..I will mail you the pics I have on the gmail id you shared. I have had a vet recommend a 10 day course of Septran to begin with. The doctor will be available after that time so I plan to take Gabru to her in a week or so.

Please take a look at the mail I will send you with some of his photos attached. Please let me know what you think..

I will also be taking some xrays of his jaw soon. Will share those with you too.

Thank you so much!

Love n hope

ANSWER: Hi, Disha

I hope the information I sent you from the Gmail address will be helpful.  Sending many healing thoughts to Gabru.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Doctor,

Thanks for checking with me!
I have been travelling and just got back. By the looks of it Gabru is eating okay now. I will be taking his X rays in a few days. And the vet will be available next week.
I did check Gabru and now am thinking he is probably female. :) Do you think then that the furry thing on his/her chest is a dewlap? Does it come so late? What does it feel like when touched?

Do advise,


Hi, Disha

A dewlap should be soft and flexible.  If there is a hard mass inside, it could be an abscess, or even a tumor (less likely).

It's good that you're having a vet check it, but I'm glad s/he is feeling better!

If Gabru turns out to be female, please read:

Unspayed females have a high risk of uterine cancer.  But if there are no experienced rabbit surgeons accessible to you, you might have to hope for the best.  :(

Hope s/he continues to improve.



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