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QUESTION: So i am 14 and i got a bunny for my birthday and a few months after i got her i started to hurt her. i don't know why. every time i do it i feel immediately guilty and i tell myself i wont do it again but than i do. its becoming more frequent and i dont know how to stop. i will warn yu that when i tell you what i do that it is really bad and that is why i need help. please do not insist for me to give her up or say that i am a bad pet owner, i already know i am. so sometimes ill pin her down and i'll hit her on the but, i'll squeeze her so hard that she wheezes, hold her by the scruff of the neck and smack her as hard as i can, ill throw her around and pin her neck to the ground, but worst of all soemtimes i pull her ears and hold her by her ears. by the time i am done with her she is breathing really fast. the worst part is that after i hit her than i hold her and pet her, telling her how sorry i am and i am bout ready to cry. and i truely mean it. please dont tell me how sick this makes you. i dont know what to do. im not getting rid of her, but i dont want her to die. i would just fall apart. i wouldnt live without her. i dont know what to do. i always make up and excuse for why i start on my abuse rally, like she bit me. i know that i wouldnt like that to be done to me and that she is helpless and cant do anything about it but while i am hurting her i dont think of that. i just get so mad and her and squeeze her as hard as i can and i just want to stop. any suggestions?

ANSWER: Any suggestions?  Yes.

Stop trolling me.  

You sent me this exact same message a couple of years ago and I took it seriously.  But now you've sent it again  (Still 14 years old, are we?  Wow, I wish I could stop aging the way you do!) and expect me to respond.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice...

If you really did these things to a rabbit, it would be dead in short order.  

If trolling people who care about rabbits is the type of thing you do for fun, then you need to get a life.  I'm going to report you to AllExperts so you can be banned.

[And oh...if you really ARE doing this type of thing to a rabbit or any other animal, then a rabbit expert is not the person to ask for help.  You need a psychiatrist.  But first give the rabbit to a rabbit rescue group and put her out of harms way.]  

Come to think of it, you may need a psychiatrist any way.


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QUESTION: wow, nice reply. i really wasnt expecting that kind of first impression of this website. i ama 14 year old girl that has a hurt rabbit. she jumped off of my bed and landed wrong. just forget what i asked before please. so she hopped off and landed worng. she is not putting much weight on her foot. she is obviously in pain. she has been sitting funny in her cage and she sometimes tries not to put any weifght on it, which is impossible because it is her hind leg. i dont know what to do because my parents wont take her to the vet because we cant afford. i have tried looking for free vet clinic where i live, tucson, but i cannot find any. i need to know how to help her. this happened two days ago and to think that she wont hope the same again breaks my heart. i was wondering if you could tell me how i can set it or help me find a free pet clinic. please help.

Dear "Sarah"

Did you read your original question?  It says nothing about a rabbit hurting its foot.  It gives a detailed and disturbing account of wanton animal torture and abuse.  But it was also IDENTICAL to one you have sent me in the past, and so I suspect you just send this around to people to get a rise out of them. I really don't know what is going on with you.

"just forget what i asked before please."

Excuse me?  I'm supposed to just *forget* that you sent me two identical (very likely FAKE), disturbing posts and expect me to give you a serious answer?  I did the first time, and followed up several times.  Only now do I realize that you are just a troll.  And I don't believe for a second that you are a 14 year old girl.  Let's just get that straight right now.  I have already reported you to AllExperts.

That said:

If you are telling the truth this time, then please go here:

to find a rabbit-savvy vet in Tucson who will be able to work out a plan with you for payment.  If the rabbit really did jump off the bed and hurt her foot and cannot put weight on it, the injury might be serious--as in a break.  This is not something you can handle on  your own, and it is not something that can be left untreated.  Unfortunately, I know of no free vet clinics anywhere.

You can also visit:

to find a rabbit rescue group near you who might help with a referral or be able to take in your rabbit if you are not able to care for her.



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