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Rabbits/Mother rabbit urinated on her newborn kits


My rabbit had a litter of 12 yesterday and one did not make it but the other 11 have seemed fine and then this afternoon I was checking on the mothers food and water levels and as I was standing there she urinated all over the litter. Is this normal? Is she marking them as hers? Is she neglecting them? Should I interviene? She did not have them in a box but rather in a corner of the cage

Hi Erin do not interfere as she may reject them if you do .just keep a good eye on them and see how it goes make sure she has hay in the cage as she may make a nest but one thing she will not move them into it. If any get out from the nest you will have to put them back in as she will just ignore them once they are out.
All does are like this.


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