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I have a 5m pet rabbit called bunnykins. Came home from work,his eyes were swollen and red, no discharge.Took him straight to the vet. Diagnosis was possible myxomatosis. Bunnykins was given a antibiotic shot and eyecream. Next day, swelling gone, eyes dark and small still red rimmed when i pull back his eyes. Back to the vet, another shot and sent home with oral antibiotics. Bunnykins seems quiet, I have been keeping him warm, but when i let him out of his hutch,he runs around the house his behaviour seems really odd for him. It is day 5 now and no change, still eating well and drinking, has not lost any weight, eyes still small dark and red rimmed, could he be blind? he is still eating, but just seems weird, i cannot pinpoint it.

Dear Lee,

If he has the myxomatosis virus, then his behavior will not be normal.  I hope whatever medication your vet gave you will work, but since myxo is viral, not bacterial, antibiotics will help only if there is secondary bacterial infection.

The only treatment I've ever heard of that might be successful for myxo is Equimune IV, which boosts the immune system.  Even so, it's a long, slow battle and you must provide supportive care while bunny's own system fights the virus.

It is possible he's blind, but you'd have to do some behavioral tests (e.g., waving something close to him and seeing if he responds) to get a better idea.  The only way to really know would be via electroretinogram, which would probably be cost prohibitive (and hard to find someone to do).

If you can send a very clear picture of his eyes, I might be better able to guage what's going on, though I can't guarantee that.

I hope he will continue to stay strong and improve.

Sending healing thoughts...



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