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I noticed you stated you didn't have any rex knowledge but I think this is a general question for any breed.

We obtained a mini-rex doe during a local show. Over the two months we have had her, she has sporadic sneezes. Over two years we had two other rabbits display this same sneeze. NO eye/nasal discharge. It didn't matter if they were indoors, outdoors, on pine shavings, grass or suspended in their wire run.

Two days from a show she began having a heavy, clear nasal discharge. She went to the vet the next day (no, none of our local vet's are rabbit experienced). Although he was concerned about "snuffles" he didn't run any tests only checked her over (no temp)and looked up info on the computer.

His suggestion was to monitor her and call back if she worsened and he could administer an antibiotic. He also gave me the name of some material to add to all of the herds water as a cure-all preventative. Can't find it anywhere w/i 50 miles of me....

The next day her runny nose was gone and hasn't returned; that was two weeks ago. The rest of our herd is housed separately and they haven't sneezed.  

Can rabbits just have allergies, maybe polyps? Should I get a second opinion??

The irony of this; I'm allergic and they set off my asthma at shows but my girls love what they're doing!!

Hello there.
Lots of rabbit breeders seen to experience this every so often.
I would think that there may be something in the air that sets off a sneezing attach.
Sometimes my rabbits drink their water too fast and start sneezing.
If there is no discharge for a few weeks I think it will be ok.
Any discharge from the nose my mean the snuffles which may come & go.
So tbe next time you see discharge have a vet  test it, antiboitics may work.
Good luck


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