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Rabbits/sneezing, eye/nose discharge (Pepper continued)


Thanks, our vet said that according the university of Guelph, we should not increase the penicillin down from 5 days to 48 hrs. She seemed to get perturbed(?) that we did not want to comply, but she agreed with you about getting a specialist to do a scope. She's a very caring, knowledgeable, young woman at Oshawa Vet Hospital. Pepper's nose has stopped bleeding, but there's still discharge. His breathing is better. We're using a baby syringe to aspirate his nose several times/day, keeping him on the novo-trimel, giving him anti-inflammatory Voltaren eye drops because his eye was swelling up (his face is still swollen above his eye, but the little swollen sac at the corner of his eye seems to have relinquished, but there's still watery/ white discharge)  and we're keeping up with the penicillin injections. He is 3.2 lbs and she's giving him 300,000 iu/kg, so it's a higher dose, but less often.(every 5 days - the same kind of dual acting Penicillin-G Procaine/Benzathine, as you mentioned, she told us). He's started eating some of his pellets again, which he had stopped eating in preference for hay during the last week, and he is much more active. If he doesn't get better and his nose starts bleeding again, we'll go to the specialist for a scope (although this is feasibly difficult for us, he's our little guy) What else could we do? warm compresses on his skin where the discharge matts his fur and pre and pro-biotics, Acidophilus and Bifidus with FOS in pumpkin puree; which strangely he seems to start sneezing when we give to him, we mix a capsule of powder into the pumpkin, that he jumps at enthusiastically, eating with good appetite but why should this cause sneezing for a couple of minutes? What do you think about adding fucidin eye drops 1% to this regimen? Would it be any help? Can you think of any other ideas? Thanks so much for your advice. Sending your lots of positive energy in return, Kimberley

Dear Kimberly,

I doubt the eye drops will do any good except to maybe help keep a secondary infection in the tear ducts at bay.  But I'm glad you now have a course of action.  I hope things go well with the higher dose at longer durations.  That's another protocol that can work.



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